Edit, re-post, and access draft or closed jobs

How to edit job postings

1. To edit a job, just log in and go to the job detail page, then click edit.

You can then edit whichever parts of the description you would like. The only part of the job you cannot edit is the deadline date. You can get in touch with us to do that at info@devex.com


Access draft or closed job postings

1. If you have saved a job as a draft and would now like to access it or would like to access closed jobs, just go to the list of job postings on the Recruiter Dashboard and click on draft or closed.


Re-post a job

1. If you would like to re-post a closed job, go to your recruiter dashboard and click on closed jobs to find the particular job.

2. Once you click on the title you will be brought to the below page where you can click on re-post. The job will then automatically be set to be posted for 30 more days, and a job credit will be used. If you would like to change the time frame for which it will be posted, just get in touch with us at info@devex.com.