Search through funding opportunities

Click here to watch a video that gives a brief overview of the search, or read the article below. 

  1. To access the new funding search page, click on Tenders and Grants under the Funding Tab.


  1. Search through the Program Reports (blue) and Tenders, Grants and Open Opportunities (orange) separately or at once by selecting or deselecting boxes. You can differentiate the reports in the list of results by the blue and orange line on the left of each opportunity title.


  1. Refine your search by using the same filters as we had in the old search page, and Boolean search terms.


  1. Skim through the results, and click to see the full text of the opportunity on the right, without having to leave the page. This allows you to assess the relevance of opportunities quicker.


  1. Create an alert by clicking “Create Alert” at the top of the page, choosing how often you would like to receive it, and naming it.


  1. Review your alerts, activate or deactivate them by clicking on “my alerts” . If you have a company rather than individual membership, you can review your colleagues’ alerts. You can even activate an alert based on the criteria they have set-up. Note, it’s only possible to deactivate or delete your own alerts.


  1. Update your alert by clicking on the blue icon beside "activate" or "deactivate" on the list, then making the necessary changes to the keywords or filters, and clicking “update alert”.