Use keywords and Boolean terms to search

The standard search on Devex without using any Boolean terms functions similar to a Google search.

Projects that have all of the key words will appear at the top of the search results whereas those with only some or one of the key words will appear at the bottom. However, there are a few ways to further define your search.

Please note, that using many of these keys in one search could slow down the search speed as the system needs to scan the profiles with the new rules.

Key: AND

Use: Require all keywords

Example: gender AND health

Results: The search will only show projects that are both gender and health orientated

Key: OR

Use: Require at least one of the keywords

Example: Nigeria AND (health OR gender)

Results: This search will show projects focused on Nigeria and either health or gender.
Example: Nigeria OR (health AND gender)

Results: Similar to the last search, this will show projects with the key words of Nigeria or health and gender
* Remember, if you only have two or more ‘or’ search terms (ie health OR gender) you do not need to put OR – the default search will already do that.


Use: Remove projects that contain a certain keyword

Example: gender AND NOT “maternal health”

Results: Will include any project with the keyword gender, but not those with maternal health

Key: + -

Use: Alternate way of searching AND, AND NOT

Example: +gender health –“maternal health”

Results: This search will require the keyword gender, the project could have health (but is not required – it’s an OR term) and not have the keyword “maternal health”

Key: ^

Use: Boost certain keywords

Example: health^10 gender

Results: Health is considered 10x more important than gender, and the order of the projects will reflect that weight. This is an OR search since we did not specify AND.* The results will be the same number as if you did health gender but in a different order – weighted more heavily to health.
* You can use the boost feature and AND keywords; for example health^10 AND gender

Key: *

Use: Used with root words when search term could have different endings

Example: sustain*

Results: Will include sustainable, sustainability, sustainably, or any other words that begin with sustain.