What are the links on the Devex User Menu?

The Devex user menu is the control panel of your account, allowing you to manage your account settings using the blue links shown below: 



While there might be some additional account options for other membership types, here are the basic links on the user menu, upon creating a Devex account. Please note that you'll need to click directly on the right-most blue text/link like "Update" or "Review" to access its corresponding page. 

  • [Your name] - Sign Out: Logs you off your account and ends the active session
  • Career Account - Upgrade: Displays your current membership. This takes you to the Membership and Services page to learn more about the different membership options and services that Devex provides
  • Profile: 100% Complete - Update: This will direct you to the edit profile page where you can add or update your information
  • Billing - Review: When applicable, this will take you to your billing page where you can review your paid subscription, update your card details, or cancel your membership
  • Account & Privacy Settings - Review: On this page, you can add an alternate e-mail, change your password, manage your profile visibility, unsubscribe from Devex emails and review your job applications
  • My Alerts* - Manage|New: *We recently changed the way business and job alerts are created and edited, so please go to Funding Search for your business alerts and Jobs Search to directly make changes
  • My Folders - View: Review the job ads you've saved or marked as "Save for later"
  • Newsletters - Manage: Lists all the newsletters published by Devex that you can avail. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from any of the newsletters here