Understanding the Devex User Menu

The Devex user menu is the control panel of your account, allowing you to manage your account settings using the blue links shown below: 



While there might be some additional account options for other membership types, here are the basic links on the user menu, upon creating a Devex account. Please note that you'll need to click directly on the right-most blue text/link like "Update" or "Review" to access its corresponding page. 

  • [Your name] - Sign Out: Logs you off your account and ends the active session
  • Career Account - Upgrade: Displays your current membership. This takes you to the Membership and Services page to learn more about the different membership options and services that Devex provides
  • Profile: 100% Complete - Update: This will direct you to the edit profile page where you can add or update your information
  • Billing - Review: When applicable, this will take you to your billing page where you can review your paid subscription, update your card details, or cancel your membership
  • Account & Privacy Settings - Review: On this page, you can add an alternate e-mail, change your password, manage your profile visibility, unsubscribe from Devex emails and review your job applications
  • My Alerts* - Manage|New: *We recently changed the way business and job alerts are created and edited, so please go to Funding Search for your business alerts and Jobs Search to directly make changes
  • My Folders - View: Review the job ads you've saved or marked as "Save for later"
  • Newsletters - Manage: Lists all the newsletters published by Devex that you can avail. You can subscribe or unsubscribe from any of the newsletters here