How to contact an analyst

With your Business Intelligence Account membership, you can reach our analysts 24/5 with questions about specific opportunities, as well as more broadly funding trends.

And since Devex is a completely independent source, we are in good position to inquire about funding opportunities with donors.

To reach a member of the team, all you have to do is click the "Contact an analyst” button on the funding search page. 


Below you find common questions that are sent to the analysts from this page.

1. What is the difference between programs and tenders, grants and open opportunities?

A donor releases a program report before the tendering process begins. The report shares project details like background, components, total budget and possible sectors of engagement. These reports give insights on possible procurement opportunities that may arise in the future, though not all development projects require procurement procedures to be implemented. They don't get into the same level of detail that tenders do. A program report does not request proposals, and is not an opportunity that you can bid on, it aims to share the goals and scale of a project.
Tenders are then released under the umbrella of this program report, there may be a number of separate tenders released calling for proposals for particular segments of the project, or just one for the entire project. These notices invite prospective bidders and applicants to submit proposals or expressions of interest and are the means by which your organization can participate in competitive selection processes. Tenders related to a particular program can be released at different times. While part of a larger project may have been tendered for and is now nearing completion, another part may remain in the early pre-planning stage.

The notices are classified as either tenders, grants or open opportunities depending on the nature of the contract to be awarded and the method of solicitation. Tenders refer to opportunities that allow your organization to profit from the contract implementation. These involve the purchase of goods, works and construction services.

Grants are nonprofit funding opportunities that provide financial assistance toward the achievement of specific project objectives.

Meanwhile, open opportunities are grants with open-ended or cyclical deadlines. They can remain open for extended periods, usually until a grantee has been selected, or in cases of cyclical deadlines, they may be reopened after the deadline has elapsed if deemed necessary by the funding agency.

2. How can I read a tender that is in a foreign language?
We advise members to use an online translator to read documents in another language (e.g. Google Translate). This is on our list of enhancements, it will be offered in the future at some point.

3. What consulting contracts have been awarded under this World Bank funded project: “Lusaka Sanitation Project”?
To search through past contracts awarded under a particular donor, or to a particular organization you should access the contract award database. This allows you to search by donor, region, awardee, and keyword.

4. How do I access information on contacts within donor organizations or foundations?
The organizations database (accessible through the navigation drop down menu as per screenshot below) is a useful resource when searching for contacts within particular organizations You can search by organization type (donor, foundation, NGO etc), or by name, location, number of employees. Then scroll down the specific organization profile to see a list of contacts.


If you are a recruitment account member, you can search through the candidate database.

5. Do you have more information about this tender, such as the related program report or contract award?

6. Can you help to clarify the eligibility criteria for applying to this funding opportunity?
Usually this will be within the original document, if you are having a lot of trouble finding it, perhaps the analysts can help.

7. Looking at Thailand and Vietnam, many of the opportunities are coming from World Bank and ADB. These are two donors that Thailand has not had success with in the past, in part because of the size and nature of the contracts that they issue. Is there any learning resources on Devex on how we can improve our win chances with these donors?

Firstly, we recommend you understand the future funding priorities of these donors by accessing the articles on the ADB's funding priorities for the next two years and on the World Bank pipeline data in order to be a step ahead in terms of planning before active funding opportunities are released. In doing so, you give yourself time to source local partner organizations while positioning yourself as being knowledgeable of the sector and future funding.

If you are a smaller organization, it may be advisable to firstly try out individual consultancy positions. Knowing about the larger organizations that will be bidding on this funding is important, the contract awards database can offer extensive information on this. For smaller organizations, an alternative option may be to hire consultants who have prior experience with these donors, the Devex candidate database hosts profiles of over 870k development professionals and so could be of use.

The following articles on the ADB and World Bank processes may be of interest:


8. I would like to better understand the interactive reports that you issue – for instance with the EuropeAID interactive visualization, I can’t see how to break it down to understand expected opportunities that may be suitable for our NGO to pursue. Is there guidance on how to best make use of reports such as this?
We advise to filter based on sector and region, to identify planned funding streams of interest. Then use the contract awards information along with further research into past awardees of funding from this donor in this sector. This will allow you to strategically plan which organizations you should try to forge relationships and partnerships. Of course, by knowing about this early information on funding, they can be seen as well informed to those larger organizations, instilling trust and increasing the chances of successfully partnering with them.
9. Do you have any more general guidance documents on using Devex services for planning fundraising strategy?
1. Make use of the information on broader funding strategic insights on the Development Funding landing page within the How to get funding and Business Center sections of the page.
2. Identify organizations that you can potentially partner with by using the contract awards database.
3. Discover further information about potential partners within the organizations database.
4. Search through the news content using "fundraising" as a keyword, to discover content such as the following:


9. I am interested to know more about the subcontracts section of the Devex. I only see three subcontracting opportunities on the Development Funding page. Is there a different section of the website that has more extensive detail on subcontracting opportunities?
We publish new subcontracting opportunities each day and are actively engaging with larger organizations to continue to increase the number. This section on the Development Funding page represents a sample of them. Members discover these opportunities within their daily business alert, and by using keywords (for examples the names of large contractors) or location filters on the funding search.
10. The detail on signed contracts within the contract awards database seems to be patchy, what do you publish?
We publish everything funders publish and are actively doing outreach to get access to awards they don't publish, as well as sourcing this information from awardees directly.
11. Does the contract awards database include grants and cooperative agreements, or only contracts?
Yes, we include grants and cooperative agreements in our contract awards database.