Learn more about the value of a Career Account


Joining Devex as a Community Member allows you to connect to other global development professionals, access news and jobs and get Devex career and business newsletters free of charge. Upgrading to a Career Account gives you access to a complete toolkit of resources that will help you find your next development job and advance your career, including access to exclusive webinars, career events around the world, premium job postings and career guidance from top development recruiters.


Once you have subscribed to a Devex Career Account, here are some of the first few things to do, to maximize your membership and get you fully onboard on your path to a successful development career!


1. Fill out your Devex profile

Recruiters tend to overlook profiles with incomplete information. This somewhat gives the notion that the job seeker is not 100% into their job search. It provides a great first impression when recruiters see that you have put time and effort into completely filling out your profile.

Completely filling out your profile would also mean that even if you’re not proactively searching for jobs, your profile will already do your job search for you! When your profile’s privacy is set to public, your profile will be included in the searches done by our member recruiters, especially if the keywords on your profile match their candidate search.

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2. Set up your very own career alerts

Aside from your membership benefit of having full access to the job board, you will also be able to save your searches as career alerts, and receive them directly in your mailbox! This would save you the time in accessing our job search page to manually look for job opportunities that you’re interested in.

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3. Subscribe to Devex Newsletters

Being part of the global development community not only entails being passionate in doing good. It is also essential that you are in-the-know of the latest global development news. This would give you an edge during job interviews, as most – if not all – of the recruiters of hiring global development organizations will be gauging your knowledge – as well as your interest – in knowing what’s up in the development community.

Here are some of our recommended newsletters for you: 


Devex Newswire Summary of the latest development news, delivered daily to your inbox

Devex Jobs Newsletter Comprehensive list of top international development, global health, and relief jobs, delivered to your inbox every Friday

Doing Good Career insights for aid workers and development professionals


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4. Make it a habit to visit the Devex Career Center

Whether you’re transitioning into the development sector or exploring your options to step up your game as a development professional, accessing our premium career development content in the Career Center has everything you need.

From steps in preparing for phone or in-person job interviews, to insider career advices for breaking into major development organizations such as The World Bank, The UN, to name only a few, the Career Center is your main hub of resources, to guide you in every step of your development career.

Access the Career Center from the Devex homepage under Jobs or by clicking HERE.


5. Join the monthly Career Webinars and follow @DevexCareers on Twitter

Career Account Members have exclusive access to the monthly career webinars that are mostly facilitated by Devex’s Senior Director and Editor for Recruitment & Careers, Kate Warren. Step-by-step guides are shared, and career questions are answered during webinars. Tips and insights are also simultaneously shared on Twitter.

Make sure to join the webinars and Twitter chats that regularly cover international development career topics by visiting and saving the following links:


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