How do I check my active applications?

If you'd like to confirm if you've sent your application, check jobs that you've applied for recently or past applications*, you can view them by going to the my jobs page of your account. You can hover your mouse to the "View My Jobs" section, or just click on this link:



On this page you'll see your applications that are either marked as Sent (submitted through the Devex site), but are still accepting applications, Draft for applications you've initiated, and Closed for incomplete applications but the job application deadline has passed. There is also a link to view your application so you can review the CV file, cover letter and/or supporting documents that you attached.**


*Note that only job applications sent through the Devex website applications can be be checked at this time. Applications submitted through external websites such as the organizations' internal recruitment sites cannot be tracked. 

**Please note that you can no longer edit or retract a submitted application so please make sure that you have attached the correct documents before finalizing an application.