How to manage users on your membership

On each membership there should be at least one individual with administrator access who can review and make changes to the list of users on the membership. If you would like to know who the administrator is on your membership please email us at

As an administrator you can add, remove, reassign membership seats very easily. To do so just click on the profile icon and scroll down to manage users, as per screen shot:

You can then review your membership package and make changes to those on the membership by clicking add, remove, assign etc. To remove or assign seats you first must select the box beside to the left of the individuals name.

The orange key icon indicates who is an administrator on your membership, to assign this access to another individual on the membership just click on the grey key icon and it will turn orange. 

The log at the bottom of the page shows the most recent changes to the membership, each time a person is added to the membership they automatically receive an email letting them know their membership has been activated and instructions explaining how they can login.

Use case example:

You would like to reassign a recruitment account or business intelligence account seat from one person to somebody else on the team. Select the corresponding box by the individual that no longer needs the membership, then click assign and select associate membership, this will mean they still have access to Devex, but not the recruitment or business intelligence account resources.

If the individual you would like to assign the membership to is already on the membership, just select the corresponding box by the name and then click assign, choosing the recruitment or business intelligence account membership. If the individual must first be added to the membership, then you can do so by clicking add and filling in the information, then clicking assign.