How can I manage users on my membership?

On each organization membership there should be at least one individual with administrator access who can review and make changes to the list of users on the membership. If you would like to know who the administrator is on your membership please email us at

If you have a membership that is for individual use (i.e. Community Membership, Career Account, Tender Tracking Account or Devex Pro membership not connected to an organization membership) this doesn't apply.

This article covers the following:

Admin rights and accessing the user management page

As an administrator you can add, remove, reassign membership seats very easily. To do so just click on the profile icon and click on the Administrator button, as per screen shot below:


You can then review your membership package and make changes to those on the membership by clicking add, remove, assign etc. as shown in the use cases further down.

The orange key icon indicates who is an administrator on your membership, to assign this access to another individual on the membership just click on the grey key icon and it will turn orange.


The log at the bottom of the page shows the most recent changes to the membership, each time a person is added to the membership they automatically receive an email letting them know their membership has been activated and instructions explaining how they can login.


Adding a new person

1. Click on Add, fill out the needed information* and click on Save and close. You will see a confirmation message and the new member receives their login details automatically via email.
If they already have a Devex profile you have to confirm to add that one to the membership and they can log in with their existing password.
*Important: please enter the email address in lowercase as this field is case sensitive.

2. By default the new member is added as a free associate member. You now have to assign the desired membership by selecting them from the list and clicking on Assign.


Removing persons

1. Select the member(s) you want to remove from the list and click on remove.


Reassigning a seat

1. To reassign a recruitment account or business intelligence account seat from one person to somebody else on the team select the corresponding box by the individual that no longer needs the membership, then click assign and select associate membership. This will mean they still have access to Devex, but not the recruitment or business intelligence account resources, this seat is now free to be assigned to another individual.


2. If the individual you would like to assign the membership to is already on the membership, just select the corresponding box by the name and then click assign, choosing the recruitment or business intelligence account membership.


3. If the individual must first be added to the membership, then you can do so by clicking add and filling in the information. By default they will be added as associate member.


4. Afterwards select them from the list as explained in step 2 and assign them an available recruitment account or business intelligence account seat.


An error occurred, what can I do?

Should you receive an error message when you try to add a new user, make sure that you filled in the email address in lowercase, as this field is case sensitive. If this doesn't solve the problem, please send us an email to