Step 1: Update your professional profile

There are more than 20,000 searches are performed on our candidate profiles each month.

This means that your Devex profile is your first (and often only) chance to show off all your great qualifications and grab the attention of recruiters from organizations like the UN and their agencies, the Gates Foundation and DAI.

Most profiles are viewed at least a few times each week.

By uploading your CV to Devex today, you’ll immediately:


  • Appear higher in recruiters’ search results
  • Get personalized job recommendations that match your profile
  • Be featured as a recommended candidate


To make this process easier for you, we've combined the update profile and uploading your cv which you can complete in 3 steps*:

*Please make sure that you're logged in to your Devex profile


Step 1: Upload your cv file


2. Confirm your profile data

If there are existing information saved on your profile, you'll see them on this page. You can also add, edit and delete entries on this page. If you'd like to skip to a specific section of your profile, you can use the shortcut links on the right side to scroll down faster.




At the end of the page, click confirm to get to the next step. 


Tip: Make sure that all required fields are filled out before clicking confirm. You can edit or delete the entries with incomplete information. 

3. Review data

On this page you'll see how your Devex profile is displayed (Only Devex members with recruiter access can see the full version of your profile)


We've recently added a 4th step which takes you to the recommended jobs page. You can access this page as the final step in the cv upload process or directly through the My Jobs page.

If you need a CV refresh before uploading, you can get some tips from this video on how to create a killer global development CV.